Restoring ethics oversight of the General Assembly

In 2009 the Rhode Island Supreme Court ruled that the state’s Ethics Commission no longer has jurisdiction over the General Assembly for most of their legislative activities.

Irons v. Rhode Island Ethics Commission

Our testimony on S 2034 (O’Neill) that would put an amendment on the ballot to restore Ethics Commission oversight of the General Assembly.

Common Cause Testimony on S 2034 (Ethics Amendment)

Research shows that an ethical government encourages job growth, even more than lower taxes:

The Economics of Ethics: The Cost of Political Corruption

The trend in House and Senate recusals (2006-2013)



Coverage of the April 3rd, 2014 hearing before the Senate Committee on Judiciary:

R.I. lawmakers debate ethics oversight bills, hold for further study

Here’s video of the hearing:

April 3rd, 2014 hearing of the Senate Committee on Judiciary






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