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We (still) have to fix that

In 2013 Common Cause Rhode Island issued a report on problems with the administration of the 2012 election titled, “We have to fix that.” After sending dozens of volunteers around Rhode Island in 2016 we are back with an update;

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‘We have to fix that’

In 2012 Common Cause had volunteers at the polls in¬†Rhode Island to observe the process. What we found was much room for improvement. Our report, ‘We have to fix that,’¬†provides details of what went wrong, and what can be done

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Common Cause Legislative Scorecard

The 2015-2016 General Assembly was one of the most successful for Common Cause in our history. This scorecard reflects that success, with average scores at their highest point in almost a decade. Significant success in Election and Ethics reform lead

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‘A Constitutional Convention for Rhode Island?’

While in the past Common Cause has opposed the constitutional convention referendum, in 2014 we have chosen not to take a position on Questino #3 and instead engage in public education. Here are some of the reasons why we made